Lightfoot Accept Forfeit From Phoenix; 10 – 0

What was to be a family showdown between Heath “H.I.” Farris of the Lightfoot Club and Eric “Two Fingers” Farris of the Phoenix, was unfortunately not to be. Unable to field the necessary 9 players, Phoenix had to forfeit the match.

The two teams graciously provide the crowd with an exhibition game. The fans got a special treat as the very first Lightfoot Hall of Fame inductee; John “Dusty” Bona, joined in with the Phoenix club to enjoy the afternoon playing against his former team.

The Lightfoot Club will prepare to face the Mountain City Club once again. They will meet at the 6th Cavalry Museum in “The Battle for Barnhardt”.  The winner will claim the 6th Cavalry Cup.

Mountain City Sprint Past the Lightfoot; 8 – 3

The Lightfoot Club of Chattanooga met their base ball brethren and hometown rivals; the Mountain City Club of Chattanooga. The Lightfoot have experienced brilliance and bewilderment through the first half of the season posting a 2-4 record; while Mountain City has proven to be a powerhouse of the league posting an undefeated record at 6-0.  This would be the first meeting between the Scenic City teams at the new venue at the Tennessee River Park.

The early innings were a clear indication that both teams were there to do business.  The defense displayed by both clubs was as stingy as it was dazzling.  The Lightfoot were able to manage 3 runs, while holding Mountain City scoreless.  But, Mountain City did not stay down for long.  Not lacking for power and speed, “Sweet Feet” and “Sarge” delivered in the 5th inning.  “Sweet Feet” sprinted from first to home on a double by “Sarge”; who scored shortly thereafter.  Some timely hits combined with Lightfoot miscues put Mountain City ahead 5 – 3.  From that point forward, MCC applied their customary defensive clamps.  With only 5 more hits, the bell would ring no more for the Lightfoot.  Mountain City held firmly to their league standing with an 8 – 3 victory.

The Lightfoot offense was led by Scott “Smokey” Herpst, David “Happy” Morrison, and Deaurhan “Smiley” Crawford.  The 3 men combined to go 7 for 12 with 3 RBIs.

The Lightfoot will make a quick return to the field as they will welcome the Phoenix of East Nashville next weekend at the TN River Park. The Farris brothers; “H.I.” and “Two Fingers” will go head to head to start the second half of the season.

Lightfoot Outlast the Distillers, 16 -12

The Lightfoot Club of Chattanooga marched into Fort Oglethorpe determined to get back on the winning track. With just a single victory on the season, the Lightfoot were happy to be home at the 6th Cavalry Museum where they would face the Highland Rim Distillers; who themselves were experiencing some challenges this season as they field a number of new players.

Unfortunately for the Lightfoot, the first couple of innings were a repeat of previous games. There were no hits to be found, a single ace was recorded, and the Distillers plated some early runs to take the lead.  But, the fourth inning seemed to be a real turning point for the Lightfoot.  Heath “H.I.” Farris led off the inning with a double, thus lighting the fuse.  6 of the next 7 Lightfoot batters reached base and by the end of the sixth inning, the Lightfoot had sent 24 batters to the dish, accumulated 16 hits; 5 of which were doubles, and tallied 10 runs.  This was the biggest offensive explosion for the Lightfoot all season.

The Distillers were able to keep the Lightfoot close with some aces of their own led by a new player; “Ace”. The young man swings a mighty willow and showed some real dash fire rounding the sacks.  It was even noted that “Ace” had to discard his shoes, but he didn’t miss a step.  “Shoeless!”  Have you ever heard of such a thing?

However, the Lightfoot still had more. Over the final innings, they smashed 11 more hits and 5 more runs; which ended up being quite beneficial.  The Distillers made one final rally in the bottom of the ninth inning with 4 runs, but came up short.  The Lightfoot held on to a 16 – 12 victory.

Rob “the Bear” Baehr continued his offensive barrage and was joined by teammates John “Soleman” Neal, Gene “Sweet Willie” Ingram, and Heath “H.I” Farris. The four mean were a combined 20 for 23 at the dish with 10 runs scored.

The Lightfoot will look to stay on track as they meet their home town brethren the Mountain City Club of Chattanooga at the Tennessee Riverpark. Mountain City stands in first place and has shown superior offensive power and an even greater defensive presence, so the Lightfoot will need to be on point at the next match scheduled for June 17, 2017.

Maroons Capitalize as the Lightfoot Struggle, 16 – 5

The Lightfoot Club of Chattanooga set out for the Hermitage; home of “Old Hickory” Andrew Jackson. There they would take to the field in a match with the Nashville Maroons.  The Maroons; on a 2 game winning streak, were looking to maintain the status quo, while the Lightfoot Club; on a 2 game slide, were looking to better their fortunes.

The Maroons led off the game with 5 runs in the first. The Lightfoot tallied 3 runs to keep the score close.  The early action was shaping up to be neck and neck race to the finish.  Inning after inning, the Maroons would fill the bases with runners.  Yet, the Lightfoot would manage some timely outs to limit the Maroons’ scoring.  But, the Maroons’ offense kept up the pressure and the runs started to tally.

The Maroons’ defense was just as determined. In the garden, the Maroon fielders made play after play on fly balls, bounders, and grounders.  Allowing only 8 base runners and surrendering only 1 run over the last 6 innings of play.  The Maroons emerged victorious 16-5

The Lightfoot offense was led by Rob “the Bear” Baehr and Deaurhan “Smiley” Crawford.  Both gentlemen went 3 for 4 at the dish and combined for 2 runs scored and 4 RBIs.

The Lightfoot also wish to extend a grand “Huzzah!!!” to Christopher “Cap” West.  A newcomer to the squad, Cap has battled all season and regrettably suffered a season ending injury.

The Lightfoot will return home to Fort Oglethorpe for their next match against the Highland Rim Distillers. The 6th Cavalry Museum will be a welcome sight.


Machinists Overhaul the Lightfoot, 18 – 11

The Emmett Machinists traveled to Chattanooga for a match with the Lightfoot Club. The teams were playing the first game at the new Tennessee River Park field, a picturesque meadow with the river as a border and a beautiful tree-line backdrop.  Both teams were looking to get back on the winning path.

The Lightfoot struck first with 3 aces, followed by two more in the second inning. The Machinists were able to grind out a few tallies as well; keeping the score close.

However, the Lightfoot offense seemed to lose steam. While they continued to hit and get runners on the bases, they only managed one additional tally posting a score of 6 through six innings.  At that point, the Machinists went to work.  Like well-oiled gears in a precision machine, they went round and round gaining momentum as they forged ahead.  The grounders found the holes, the liners found the gaps, even the dying quails landed with the force of a hammer driving the runners to the dish.  The bell rang out again and again as the Machinists toiled.  Their efforts were rewarded as they tallied eleven runs to end the sixth inning.

The Lightfoot managed a late 4 run rally in the top of the ninth inning, but it was too late as the Machinists closed up shop and secured the victory 18 -11.

The Lightfoot were led by the outstanding performances of Rob “the Bear” Baehr and captain David “Buster” Hollis. The two men combined to go 10 for 10 with 4 runs scored and 3 RBIs.  The Lightfoot will look to continue the 9th inning rally as they travel north to the home of former president Andrew Jackson as they will meet the Nashville Maroons on the grounds of the Hermitage.

Holstons Reign on the Lightfoot, 21 – 4

The day started with much anticipation, but even more uncertainty as thunderstorms threatened to cancel the day. But it seems Mother Nature is a base ball fan!  What began as a dark and stormy morning soon gave way to a sunny, ace-filled afternoon; at least for the Knoxville Holstons.

The Lightfoot squad arrived in Knoxville to clear weather and a familiar foe; Sean “Mac” McNally, former Lightfoot captain. Judging from the smiles, it was a welcomed reunion as the players prepared for the match.

The field was still soggy from the morning rain, so patience was to be a common theme in the early innings.   As the game progressed underneath a warm, clear sky, neither team could gain an advantage.  After the fifth inning the score was even at 4 – 4.

But, then the storm returned. No, not the thunder and rain, but the thunder of bats.  Like a dam or a levee giving way, the Lightfoot could no longer restrain the Holstons.  What began as a trickle was now a roaring flood of base runners; Augie, Lefty, Mac, Sour Mash…  The Holstons offense was unrelenting.  Over the next 4 innings, the Holstons poured in 17 tallies securing the victory; 21-4, to remain undefeated at 3 – 0.

The Lightfoot Club of Chattanooga; with a record of 1 – 2, will look ahead to brighter days in preparation for their next match on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at 12:00 pm against the Emmett Machinists of Knoxville. The two clubs will meet for the inaugural match at the new Chattanooga base ball venue at the Tennessee Riverpark.

Lightfoot Outpace Quicksteps, 8 – 5

It was a beautiful afternoon as the Quicksteps Club from Spring Hill strolled into Chattanooga to meet the Lightfoot Club.  The Quicksteps; who bolted to victory in their first match of the season, were seeking to continue their run.  While the Lightfoot; stumbling in defeat at the hands; dare I say “bats”, of the Stewart’s Creek Scouts, were eager to dash onto the welcoming home grounds of the 6th Cavalry Museum.

The Lightfoot Club trotted onto the field and promptly held the Quicksteps scoreless in their first at bat. Offensively, the Lightfoot struck just as swiftly.  The second batter “Boss” Bosshardt scampered home as “HI” Farris delivered a well-placed hit.  The first inning concluded with a score of 0-1 in favor of the Lightfoot.

Striding forward the Lightfoot gradually gathered tallies as the innings progressed. After five innings, the Quicksteps trailed 6-1.  With determination and resolve, the Quicksteps; willow in hand, walked to dish looking to overtake the Lightfoot.  Then, finding runners in position, “Stonewall” Jackson delivered a howitzer-like shot that found its mark deep in left field well beyond the range of the Lightfoot defense.  By the time the Lightfoot recovered from the mighty blow, the Lightfoot lead had tumbled to 6-5.

Undaunted, the Lightfoot were able to muster two additional runs in the last half of the seventh inning. Surrendering no further ground to the Quicksteps, the Lightfoot stood firm and steadfast securing the victory.

Rewarded the game ball for his flawless offensive performance; “Smiley” Crawford delivered 3 hits and 3 runs scored.  Honorable mention to two men; “Cap” West and “Sweet Willie” Ingram, who contributed 3 runs batted in and 2 runs scored respectively despite battling injuries.

For their next match, the Lightfoot Club will travel to Knoxville, TN.  There the Lightfoot will face a familiar opponent; Sean “Mac” McNally; former Lightfoot Captain, who transferred to the Knoxville Holstons at the conclusion of the 2016 season.  It is sure to be a jubilant reunion.


Scouts Best Lightfoot, 18 – 9

As to our recent match against the gentlemen of Stewart’s Creek, the Lightfoot Club has perhaps some idea of how General Braxton Bragg and the good people of Chattanooga felt on the morning of August 21, 1863, as Colonel John T. Wilder ordered his artillery to begin bombarding the city.

Let it not be said, however, that the Lightfoot Club left the field without victory. Indeed, our own Cap, new to the squad, handily won the bat toss – for the first time this season, and in recent memory. Huzzah!

As for the contest itself, the Scouts tallied a quick four runs to lead off the game, but, for a time, the men in blue gingham were able to keep pace with their bowler-capped brethren. Into the top of the fifth, the visitors from the south trailed by just a single run. This proved to be the turning point for Stewart’s Creek, however, and, for the rest of the game, they rained down two- and three-bag hits upon the furthest depths of the garden, to the consternation of those tasked with roaming it. As for highlights, a brilliant running catch by Boss, another new conscript in our ranks, and Bear’s customarily impenetrable defense wooed the fans, and the ever-cheerful Happy recorded his first strikeout with a flourish.

We lost our sweet, Sweet Willie (and his nose) to an errant hop off of the Ravenswood field, and wish him well in his recovery – we hope to have him, and his now more ruggedly handsome visage, back with us soon. A hearty thank you to the medical professionals who swarmed the field, and to the Scouts’ Bunyan, who, in addition to belting the first two-bagger of his career, was also quick to provide Willie with a stein of restorative – and lightly-hopped – ambrosia. Ever the gentlemen, our hosts.

Though the superior firepower, swift feet and stout fielding of the Scouts proved insurmountable in the end, on a beautiful day in April, sharing the field with teammates, friends and family, we cannot but look to the future with pleasure and excitement. Such a loss, filled with camaraderie and harkening towards a fresh season of this game we love, hardly seems thus.

Returning to the 6th Cavalry Museum on April 8th, your hometown Lightfoot Club will take the field with the Quicksteps of Spring Hill, at 2.30pm in the afternoon. We hope to see you there!

By Geoff “Chaucer” Millener

Lightfoot Bests Maroons to Remain in First Place.

The afternoon was set for a spirited match between the Nashville Maroons and the Lightfoot Club of Chattanooga.  The two clubs were meeting for the second time on the Polo Field of the 6th Cavalry Museum in Fort Oglethorpe.  The previous match saw the clubs battle for two additional frames; where the Lightfoot Club emerged victorious 19-18.

With high expectations, the two teams took to the field.  The Maroons having won the customary bat toss sent the Lightfoot Club to the dish first.  Quickly, the Maroons took control by swiftly tracking down two deep drives thus retiring the first two Lightfoot strikers on the bound.  Not to be deterred, the Lightfoot strikers showed great resolve by thrashing 6 straight hits; including a 2 run strike by “Sweet Willie” Ingram.  By the time the Maroons were able to record the final hand, the Lightfoot Club had tallied 4 aces.  However, this proved to be the lone rally for the Lightfoot.

In the fourth inning, not to be outdone the Maroons found a spark of their own tallying 3 aces; which brought the score to 4-3 all but eliminating the early Lightfoot lead.

But in the hot summer sun the teams, the willows, and the aces seemed to wilt.  The remainder of the game can only be described as uneventful.  Both clubs played solid defense all afternoon thus eliminating any opportunities for additional tallies.

The Lightfoot club managed to plate two aces in the eighth inning and went on the preserve the win with a final score of 7-4.

The Lightfoot club was relieved to maintain their first place standing and remain as the league’s only undefeated team.  Focus now turns to the next match with their Chattanooga brethren; the Mountain City Club.  Meeting for the second time this season, this match is sure to be a spectacular event.