Holstons Reign on the Lightfoot, 21 – 4

The day started with much anticipation, but even more uncertainty as thunderstorms threatened to cancel the day. But it seems Mother Nature is a base ball fan!  What began as a dark and stormy morning soon gave way to a sunny, ace-filled afternoon; at least for the Knoxville Holstons.

The Lightfoot squad arrived in Knoxville to clear weather and a familiar foe; Sean “Mac” McNally, former Lightfoot captain. Judging from the smiles, it was a welcomed reunion as the players prepared for the match.

The field was still soggy from the morning rain, so patience was to be a common theme in the early innings.   As the game progressed underneath a warm, clear sky, neither team could gain an advantage.  After the fifth inning the score was even at 4 – 4.

But, then the storm returned. No, not the thunder and rain, but the thunder of bats.  Like a dam or a levee giving way, the Lightfoot could no longer restrain the Holstons.  What began as a trickle was now a roaring flood of base runners; Augie, Lefty, Mac, Sour Mash…  The Holstons offense was unrelenting.  Over the next 4 innings, the Holstons poured in 17 tallies securing the victory; 21-4, to remain undefeated at 3 – 0.

The Lightfoot Club of Chattanooga; with a record of 1 – 2, will look ahead to brighter days in preparation for their next match on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at 12:00 pm against the Emmett Machinists of Knoxville. The two clubs will meet for the inaugural match at the new Chattanooga base ball venue at the Tennessee Riverpark.

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