Lightfoot Outpace Quicksteps, 8 – 5

It was a beautiful afternoon as the Quicksteps Club from Spring Hill strolled into Chattanooga to meet the Lightfoot Club.  The Quicksteps; who bolted to victory in their first match of the season, were seeking to continue their run.  While the Lightfoot; stumbling in defeat at the hands; dare I say “bats”, of the Stewart’s Creek Scouts, were eager to dash onto the welcoming home grounds of the 6th Cavalry Museum.

The Lightfoot Club trotted onto the field and promptly held the Quicksteps scoreless in their first at bat. Offensively, the Lightfoot struck just as swiftly.  The second batter “Boss” Bosshardt scampered home as “HI” Farris delivered a well-placed hit.  The first inning concluded with a score of 0-1 in favor of the Lightfoot.

Striding forward the Lightfoot gradually gathered tallies as the innings progressed. After five innings, the Quicksteps trailed 6-1.  With determination and resolve, the Quicksteps; willow in hand, walked to dish looking to overtake the Lightfoot.  Then, finding runners in position, “Stonewall” Jackson delivered a howitzer-like shot that found its mark deep in left field well beyond the range of the Lightfoot defense.  By the time the Lightfoot recovered from the mighty blow, the Lightfoot lead had tumbled to 6-5.

Undaunted, the Lightfoot were able to muster two additional runs in the last half of the seventh inning. Surrendering no further ground to the Quicksteps, the Lightfoot stood firm and steadfast securing the victory.

Rewarded the game ball for his flawless offensive performance; “Smiley” Crawford delivered 3 hits and 3 runs scored.  Honorable mention to two men; “Cap” West and “Sweet Willie” Ingram, who contributed 3 runs batted in and 2 runs scored respectively despite battling injuries.

For their next match, the Lightfoot Club will travel to Knoxville, TN.  There the Lightfoot will face a familiar opponent; Sean “Mac” McNally; former Lightfoot Captain, who transferred to the Knoxville Holstons at the conclusion of the 2016 season.  It is sure to be a jubilant reunion.


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