Scouts Best Lightfoot, 18 – 9

As to our recent match against the gentlemen of Stewart’s Creek, the Lightfoot Club has perhaps some idea of how General Braxton Bragg and the good people of Chattanooga felt on the morning of August 21, 1863, as Colonel John T. Wilder ordered his artillery to begin bombarding the city.

Let it not be said, however, that the Lightfoot Club left the field without victory. Indeed, our own Cap, new to the squad, handily won the bat toss – for the first time this season, and in recent memory. Huzzah!

As for the contest itself, the Scouts tallied a quick four runs to lead off the game, but, for a time, the men in blue gingham were able to keep pace with their bowler-capped brethren. Into the top of the fifth, the visitors from the south trailed by just a single run. This proved to be the turning point for Stewart’s Creek, however, and, for the rest of the game, they rained down two- and three-bag hits upon the furthest depths of the garden, to the consternation of those tasked with roaming it. As for highlights, a brilliant running catch by Boss, another new conscript in our ranks, and Bear’s customarily impenetrable defense wooed the fans, and the ever-cheerful Happy recorded his first strikeout with a flourish.

We lost our sweet, Sweet Willie (and his nose) to an errant hop off of the Ravenswood field, and wish him well in his recovery – we hope to have him, and his now more ruggedly handsome visage, back with us soon. A hearty thank you to the medical professionals who swarmed the field, and to the Scouts’ Bunyan, who, in addition to belting the first two-bagger of his career, was also quick to provide Willie with a stein of restorative – and lightly-hopped – ambrosia. Ever the gentlemen, our hosts.

Though the superior firepower, swift feet and stout fielding of the Scouts proved insurmountable in the end, on a beautiful day in April, sharing the field with teammates, friends and family, we cannot but look to the future with pleasure and excitement. Such a loss, filled with camaraderie and harkening towards a fresh season of this game we love, hardly seems thus.

Returning to the 6th Cavalry Museum on April 8th, your hometown Lightfoot Club will take the field with the Quicksteps of Spring Hill, at 2.30pm in the afternoon. We hope to see you there!

By Geoff “Chaucer” Millener

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