Lightfoot Bests Maroons to Remain in First Place.

The afternoon was set for a spirited match between the Nashville Maroons and the Lightfoot Club of Chattanooga.  The two clubs were meeting for the second time on the Polo Field of the 6th Cavalry Museum in Fort Oglethorpe.  The previous match saw the clubs battle for two additional frames; where the Lightfoot Club emerged victorious 19-18.

With high expectations, the two teams took to the field.  The Maroons having won the customary bat toss sent the Lightfoot Club to the dish first.  Quickly, the Maroons took control by swiftly tracking down two deep drives thus retiring the first two Lightfoot strikers on the bound.  Not to be deterred, the Lightfoot strikers showed great resolve by thrashing 6 straight hits; including a 2 run strike by “Sweet Willie” Ingram.  By the time the Maroons were able to record the final hand, the Lightfoot Club had tallied 4 aces.  However, this proved to be the lone rally for the Lightfoot.

In the fourth inning, not to be outdone the Maroons found a spark of their own tallying 3 aces; which brought the score to 4-3 all but eliminating the early Lightfoot lead.

But in the hot summer sun the teams, the willows, and the aces seemed to wilt.  The remainder of the game can only be described as uneventful.  Both clubs played solid defense all afternoon thus eliminating any opportunities for additional tallies.

The Lightfoot club managed to plate two aces in the eighth inning and went on the preserve the win with a final score of 7-4.

The Lightfoot club was relieved to maintain their first place standing and remain as the league’s only undefeated team.  Focus now turns to the next match with their Chattanooga brethren; the Mountain City Club.  Meeting for the second time this season, this match is sure to be a spectacular event.

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